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Voila Norbert Email Finder is made for anyone who wants to develop relationships and business opportunities through cold email without hassle.

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Email lookup

In July 2023, Voila Norbert was voted as the most accurate email finder tool by Ahrefs in their annual email finder tools test.

«VoilaNorbert is the winner with 92% success rate.»
Nick Churick

Stop Wasting Your Time With Wrong Emails. Start Getting More Business Deals.

If you're an online marketer or anyone concerned with growing a business, there's nothing worse than a bounced email.

Not only does it hurt your sender's reputation, making it more likely that all your future cold emails will end up in the spam folder, it's also extremely frustrating because you've just spent the past hour prospecting, filtering, and writing a personalized email to a prospect and the email returned as "message not delivered".

All that work for nothing.

To compensate, you spend extra time prospecting for more emails... Wasting time that could be better spent building relationships, closing deals, and advancing your career.

Imagine how much more productive you could be if you could reduce your bounce rate by 20%, or 50%, or even 80%...

We've developed Voila Norbert because we've had that exact same problem. That's why our #1 priority was and always will be email accuracy. Sure, Norbert doesn't have as all the bells and whistles as some other tools, but we're willing to bet it's the most accurate one of the lot. Go give it a try.



Facebook, AirBNB, Google Ventures, Intel, Twitter, Oracle, Snapchat
David P

David P

Chief Relationships Officer

"Love this service"

I use this to find contacts for prospects whose emails are not listed on their website. It's quick to use and pretty easy to understand. A great alternative to other services out there that are much more expensive and clunky.

Matthew C

Matthew C

Product Growth Manager

"Norbert does exactly what you need it to do"

I love how it displays scores of accuracy for emails it has found. It’s either 60, 80, or 100. The system is quite strict with itself too: I’ve had quite some good results even when using email address Norbert marked with 80% confidence. In fact, accuracy may be this software’s strong point. You get quality.

Jeroen C

Jeroen C


"Essential for my link building process"

I love the Chrome extension that enables you to do prospecting right on the spot without having to go to the app and login. I use Norbert for link building and so whenever I’m on a webpage I want to get a link on, I click the extension and source the email of the person I need to reach out to.

Find Emails That Reach Real People.

There are two ways you can find email addresses with Voila Norbert: with single search and with bulk search.

Email Finder

Single Search

With the single email search, you simply type in your prospect's first name, last name, and the company's domain name. Norbert will spit back a valid email in less than a second. You can copy this email directly with one click, or wait and export your entire list once you're done looking for emails.

single search

Prospect Finder

Search by Keyword, Industry, Job Title and Location

Find and filter prospects with ease. Prospect Finder offers data for over 100+ million prospects.

What Customers Are Saying About Voila Norbert.

Fehmeez A

Content Specialist

I would suggest Voila Norbert for any B2B Startup

I have been using this tool for the past 3 years, the best thing about this tool is within a single click you can able to get business emails.

Frank D

Video Producer

It Really Works

I've tried Norbert at the same time as some other services to compare and while Norbert will find the email, the others won't. The others seem to just comb the companies website which I've already done. I don't know how Norbert does it but it works and it's rare they can't find an email. And when they can't, nobody can.

Ruslan N

Mentor at Launchpad

Prospect the needle in the haystack

50 free leads, great user interface, accuracy on point, handy Chrome extension, and responsive customer support. Happy customer right here.

David C

Digital Marketing Executive

By far the most effective email finder tool for outreach

Easy to use and good value for money. I also love the enrichment feature that shows social networks of the target, job title, and location

Robert P


Efficient and easy to use

Find email addresses of targeted CXOs identified on LinkedIn (free version). Good B2B prospection tool with accounts where you do not have any entry points.

Aksa V

Growth Hacker

Perfect solution for lead research.

Accuracy and precision. I trust Norbert cent percent. I have been doing cold mail outreaching for my company's in-house products for a while now. Norbert always helps me out when I'm blocked and eases my work effectively than any other apps I have ever used.

Lara Z

Sales and Partnership Manager

Great for getting the email addresses you need

I like that Voila Norbert is easy to use. You type in the name and last name, the domain, and you get the email address. What I also like is that it grades the email address that it is confident that they retrieved the right one for you. Green indicates that it's accurate, yellow is a probably.

Igor G

SaaS Marketing Manager

Great for finding emails of potential leads

It's pretty simple and, from the tools we've tried, provides the best results by searching for email patterns.

Luiz C


My favorite butler for finding emails

I love that I can upload a list of names and Norbert will find me all their emails. If I want to enrich their profiles and validate the list I can do that from within the app too.