They trust me

Facebook, AirBNB, Google Ventures, Intel, Twitter, Oracle, Snapchat

Any questions?

Can I try you for free, Norbert?

Yes, I give you 50 free credits once you create an account.

If you don't find the email I'm requesting, will it count?

Nope! I count only successful email founds, so you won't ever pay if you don't get results!

Can I cancel anytime?

Sure you can! No questions asked, no strings attached. Plans are running until the end of the month you paid for.

Do you integrate with my CRM?

Currently, I support custom integrations made via Zapier. I'll be supporting all major CRMs in the near future!

Can I search people in bulk?

Yes, you can upload .CSV files up to millions of lines! The file is treated asynchronously and you will receive your leads in real time!

Do you have an extension?

I do! I have a Chrome extension that you can install following that link: Install the extension

Do you have Terms of Services? Privacy policies?

Sure, you can read more on our Terms and Privacy policies there. Nothing fancy.

I have some specific questions, Norbert!

I'd be happy to answer you, drop me an email at